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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Visual Illusions

While I am searching for a solution of my cable TV network, I received again a "funny" mail about visual illusions. I cann't help digging into some discent explanations, since last time I am not given the chance to do it. The first image is a famous "Rotationg Snakes", and the following several pictures are all about static motion illusion. I hunt down to the term "asymmetric luminance steps " and then to this article on the Journal of Neural Science: June 8, 2005 . 25(23):5651–5656 . 5651,

Neural Basis for a Powerful Static Motion Illusion
Bevil R. Conway,1,5 Akiyoshi Kitaoka,2 Arash Yazdanbakhsh,1,3 Christopher C. Pack,4 and Margaret S. Livingstone1

The major founding is the denial of chromatic factors and support of luminance steps. Also that direction-selective neurons in macaque visual cortex gave directional responses to the same static element pairs, also in a direction consistent with the
illusory motion.

The last image is about "negative retinal afterimage" which was found long long time ago by Newton, as documented in Newton's hue circle. It is through this observation, that Newton gives definition of "Complementary Colors". Here is more about it


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