In this infinite cosmos we have only one life each. A life in this infinite cosmos is just like a dust in the world. Born by chance and die in necessity. Feeble life and boundless world, two facts we face. Even if you spend your whole life solving them. You will get nothing. - 1998

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

I watched the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)" yesterday. It is an unauthorized made-for-television docudrama written and directed by Martyn Burke. It covers the stories behind the advent of PC prevalence. Based upon the book, Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer, by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine, this film documents the rise of the home computer/personal computer through the rivalry between Apple Computer (Apple II and the Apple Macintosh) and Microsoft (DOS, IBM PC, and Windows).

  • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
    are the true revolutionaries of our time. Not the students who occupied
    the dean's office in the late '60s. Not the anti-war marchers who were
    determined to overthrow the establishment. Jobs and Gates are the ones
    who changed the way the world thinks, acts and communicates
    - answer to the question: "Why did these two "nerds" become icons?" in an interview with the director of the film, Martyn Burke


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