In this infinite cosmos we have only one life each. A life in this infinite cosmos is just like a dust in the world. Born by chance and die in necessity. Feeble life and boundless world, two facts we face. Even if you spend your whole life solving them. You will get nothing. - 1998

Monday, October 03, 2005

a typical chinese market

a typical chinese market is a market with super high density. Cubic of 3 or 4 sqr meters of spaces is comprised of the entire shop. Shops are arranged into grids, grids into layers, layers into skyscrapers. Qiujiang Rd. 500 Cyber Square is such a suffocating market, where I bought a minipci netcard for my T22. The card works fine as I have expected. So the Chinese merchants are not all rotten to incurably wicked. The area around Shibei High school is still ekelhaft, with no pavements for walkers. It is a bit surprising to me. Almost nothing has changed in this inner area, whereas the area near Gonghexin Rd is much more cleaner.


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