In this infinite cosmos we have only one life each. A life in this infinite cosmos is just like a dust in the world. Born by chance and die in necessity. Feeble life and boundless world, two facts we face. Even if you spend your whole life solving them. You will get nothing. - 1998

Saturday, October 22, 2005

News clipping (internet news)

* book publisher are forced to chanage:
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Major book publishers have quietly begun selling directly to customers over the Internet, in a move that could transform the trade by putting them in competition with online retailers like
Publishers Sue Google Over Scanning Plans (AP)

* NK embraces IT,shackles Internet
The first hint that North Korea had entered cyber space came in 2000 when leader Kim offered visiting US secretary of state Madeleine Albright his email address.North Koreans are brought up to believe that the their country is superior to any other and that South Koreans, for example, are exploited, impoverished and starving. "If people learned 50 percent of the truth about South Korea, it (North Korea) would collapse".

* Inventor of Wikis Leaving Microsoft for Eclipse Foundation

* EBay's profit soars, but stock declines 5.7% ( Investors worried about its outlook
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)-Rivals Taobao, eBay clash on whether free is best
EBay said Germany was again one of its top-performing markets, though the company did not release detailed information about its performance in the country.

* AP - Shanghai police are investigating an online ad offering babies for sale on the Chinese subsidiary of auction Web site eBay, the company said Thursday.
Media reports said the ad offered baby boys for 28,000 yuan ($3,500) and girls for 13,000 yuan ($1,600), reflecting the traditional Chinese preference for males. It promised to deliver infants within 100 days of birth.

* TOKYO (AFP) - A fictitious article saying Chinese troops invaded the Japanese island of Okinawa was seen on a bogus Japanese-language Yahoo News website at the height of tensions between the two Asian neighbours.


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