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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

google/ebay no match for baidu/taobao in China

I have been heavily using Ebay in Germany. But I see clearly that Ebay is no match for Taobao in China. Ebay has just bought Skype for nearly 4 billion USD, but Taobao has long had its own IM ware TaoBao Wangwang, an IM tool with full fledged features and practical look. Not until Yahoo bought 40% share of Alibaba, has the westerners start to get nervous about Ebay's losing fate in China. The ebay fans are still dreaming of two consumer auction sites will reign supreme in China. Listed items are scarce in Ebay in comparison to Taobao. Moreover the westernized flavor of Ebay is not at all in consistent with Chinese values and mentalities.

The same is true with "Google vs. Baidu". What annoys me is the fact that google is sometimes completely unreachable. My blog at "" is unreachable from http, but only through blogline. This puts Google's blogger in no position to rival with MSN space, although many likes blogger's techie and concise flavor over MSN's overstaffed UI.


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