In this infinite cosmos we have only one life each. A life in this infinite cosmos is just like a dust in the world. Born by chance and die in necessity. Feeble life and boundless world, two facts we face. Even if you spend your whole life solving them. You will get nothing. - 1998

Monday, October 24, 2005

beyond naivete and cynicism

Beyond the yellow brick road of naivete and the muggers lane of cynicism, there is a narrow path, poorly lit, hard to find, and even harder to stay on once found. People who have the skill and the perseverance to take that path serve us in countless ways. We need more of these people. Many more.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


today I figured out why korean TV series are much more popular than Chinese home-made ones. Korean TVs feel so real and very close to daily life, while chinese ones often aim at some high moral theme. To give a piece of dialgue as example: son is later for work, and his boss called him. Son said that he is leaving home. His father blames him for being stiff and said that son should have said that he is on the way instead of leaving home. Very homely and vivid conversation that can easily arouse sympathetic response of even chinese audience.

This remind me of Taiwanese talk show. The reason that the taiwanese Xiao S is popular is also due to her straightness. She talks about her personal expierence and feeling, such as her feeling of pregnancy.

Another reason for the popularity of Korean TV series is the cultural recognition and sympathetic response of old Chinese values.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

News clipping (internet news)

* book publisher are forced to chanage:
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Major book publishers have quietly begun selling directly to customers over the Internet, in a move that could transform the trade by putting them in competition with online retailers like
Publishers Sue Google Over Scanning Plans (AP)

* NK embraces IT,shackles Internet
The first hint that North Korea had entered cyber space came in 2000 when leader Kim offered visiting US secretary of state Madeleine Albright his email address.North Koreans are brought up to believe that the their country is superior to any other and that South Koreans, for example, are exploited, impoverished and starving. "If people learned 50 percent of the truth about South Korea, it (North Korea) would collapse".

* Inventor of Wikis Leaving Microsoft for Eclipse Foundation

* EBay's profit soars, but stock declines 5.7% ( Investors worried about its outlook
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)-Rivals Taobao, eBay clash on whether free is best
EBay said Germany was again one of its top-performing markets, though the company did not release detailed information about its performance in the country.

* AP - Shanghai police are investigating an online ad offering babies for sale on the Chinese subsidiary of auction Web site eBay, the company said Thursday.
Media reports said the ad offered baby boys for 28,000 yuan ($3,500) and girls for 13,000 yuan ($1,600), reflecting the traditional Chinese preference for males. It promised to deliver infants within 100 days of birth.

* TOKYO (AFP) - A fictitious article saying Chinese troops invaded the Japanese island of Okinawa was seen on a bogus Japanese-language Yahoo News website at the height of tensions between the two Asian neighbours.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

google/ebay no match for baidu/taobao in China

I have been heavily using Ebay in Germany. But I see clearly that Ebay is no match for Taobao in China. Ebay has just bought Skype for nearly 4 billion USD, but Taobao has long had its own IM ware TaoBao Wangwang, an IM tool with full fledged features and practical look. Not until Yahoo bought 40% share of Alibaba, has the westerners start to get nervous about Ebay's losing fate in China. The ebay fans are still dreaming of two consumer auction sites will reign supreme in China. Listed items are scarce in Ebay in comparison to Taobao. Moreover the westernized flavor of Ebay is not at all in consistent with Chinese values and mentalities.

The same is true with "Google vs. Baidu". What annoys me is the fact that google is sometimes completely unreachable. My blog at "" is unreachable from http, but only through blogline. This puts Google's blogger in no position to rival with MSN space, although many likes blogger's techie and concise flavor over MSN's overstaffed UI.



Nr. 102/2005
Osnabrück, 2005-05-11

Ideale Ergänzung

Kognitionswissenschaft der Uni Osnabrück kooperiert mit italienischer Hochschule

Ab dem kommenden Wintersemester können bis zu zehn Studierende der Universitäten Osnabrück und Trento/Rovereto (Italien) ihr Master-Studium in Kognitionswissenschaft für jeweils ein Jahr an der Partneruniversität durchführen. Ihnen winkt ein gemeinsamer Abschluss (joint degree) beider Universitäten. In einem nun unterschriebenen Kooperationsvertrag, der als beispielhaft für die Universität Osnabrück gilt, wurde eine enge Zusammenarbeit vereinbart.

Die Facoltà di Scienze Cognitive der Universität Trento ist wie die Lehreinheit Kognitionswissenschaft der Universität Osnabrück die einzige Einrichtung des Landes, die sowohl ein Bachelor-, Master- als auch PhD-Programm in Kognitionswissenschaft anbietet. Interessant für die beginnende Kooperation ist, dass sich die beiden Studiengänge in idealer Weise ergänzen: »Während das kognitionswissenschaftliche Profil der italienischen Partner besonders prägnant in Kognitiver Psychologie, den Sozialwissenschaften und der Neurowissenschaft ist, hat der Osnabrücker Studiengang seine Stärken in Computerlinguistik/Künstliche Intelligenz, Robotik/Theoretische Neurowissenschaft und der Philosophie der Kognition«, erklärt der Studiendekan der Lehreinheit Kognitionswissenschaft, Prof. Dr. Achim Stephan. Ziel sei es, in einem integrierten Studienprogramm sowohl den Austausch unter den Studierenden als auch den unter den Lehrenden zu fördern und gemeinsame Forschungsinitiativen zu ergreifen, so Stephan.

Weitere Informationen:
Prof. Dr. Achim Stephan, Universität Osnabrück,
Institut für Kognitionswissenschaft,
Katharinenstraße 24, D-49069 Osnabrück,
Tel. +49 541 969 6226, Fax +49 541 969 6210

Neue Anfrage nach Pressemitteilungen stellen

letzte Änderung: 27-Jul-2005 (TH)
Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Pressestelle

Joint Master's Degree Programme Osnabrück - Trento/Rovereto
The Osnabrück Cognitive Science Institute and the Trento Cognitive Science Faculty have recently formed a joint Master's degree programme in Cognitive Science.

Beginning in October 2005 students from Osnabrück and students from Trento will have the opportunity to study at the partner university for two semesters. This exchange will result in a joint Master's degree from both universities providing career opportunities in an integrated Europe.

Trento and Osnabrück are the only universities in their respective countries offering Bachelor, Master's and PhD programmes in Cognitive Science. The Cognitive Science programmes in Trento and in Osnabrück are ideal complements: While in Osnabrück the focus is on Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Neuroscience and Philosophy, the Trento programme focuses on Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Social Sciences and Mathematics.

The Cognitive Science faculty of Trento is part of the Rovereto branch which combines the studies of technology and cognitive science, information technology, communication and humanistic culture. It is located in Rovereto, a town about 25km south of Trento.

The exchange study at the partner university will be planned for the second year of the Master's studies but can be tailored to the student's individual needs. For more information contact Prof. Achim Stephan. As places are limited please contact him in due time.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

"Saving Face"

watched "Saving Face"
A Chinese-American lesbian and her traditionalist mother are reluctant to go public with secret loves that clash against cultural expectations.
1. why gays are all so very attractive?
2. what would my mother generation say about this movie if they would watch?
This is a clever and enjoyable movie. These days witty movie are hard to find.

Saturday, October 08, 2005



  《朱子语类》卷一二六:释氏以生为寄,故要见得父 母未生时面目。黄蘗一僧有偈与其母云:“先时寄宿此婆 家”;止以父母之身为寄宿处,其无情义、灭绝天性可知! 盖不知孔丘家儿早有“寄物”、“寄盛”之喻,较“寄宿”更簿 情也。古希腊诗人亦谓:“汝曷不思汝父何以得汝乎!汝 身不过来自情欲一饷、不净一滴耳”(If thou rememberest, O man how thy father sowed thee……Thou art sprung from incontinent lust and a filthy drop)①。后世诗文中,习 见不鲜,举数例以概。十七世纪英国名作:“汝子被诃,倘不服而反唇曰:‘何故生我?我初未乞求诞生也!’汝将奚 如?”(what if thy son/prove disobedient, and, reproved, retort, /“Wherefore didst thou beget me?I sought it not!”)②;又一剧二角色相语 ,甲云:“若翁生汝,汝则杀之,足以报施,”(Cutting his throat was a very gund return for his begetting you)乙答:“老革初未尝计及生我,渠只自述快意耳。”(, Twas for his own sake, he ne''er thought of me in the business)③《海外轩渠录 》言小人国法令谓父母生子女出于情欲(by the motives of concupiscence),故子女 于亲不必有恩义(obligation)④。当世波兰小说中母诫未 嫁女毋外遇致有孕,曰“吾不欲家中忽添婴儿”(But I don''t want a kid here),女怫然答:“汝之生我,几 会先事询我愿不乎!”(You didn''t ask me if I wanted to be born)⑤;一意大利小说中母 责女曰:“汝对阿父语,不得如此。”(Guarda che non dovresti ripondere cosi a tuo padre) 女藐之(alzava le spalle)曰:“我初未求出世,汝二人专擅,遽使我生。”(Io non avevo chiesto di venire al mondo. Mi ci avete fatta vemire)⑥吾国旧号“孝治”,故率言如孔融者 不多耳⑦。


  十八世纪英国才妇(Lady Mary Wortley Montagu)致其女(the Countess of Bute)书曰:“汝不必感我诞育为人, 正如我不谢汝惠临出世。俗见多妄,每以孝思绳子女,吾生平绝口未尝道之。”(You are no more obliged to me for bringing you into the world, than I am to you for coming into it, and I never, never made use of that commonplace(and like most commonplace, false)argument, as exacting any return of affection-Letters.“Everyman''s Library”, 400)母久劬劳,而持此论,尤罕事也。


Monday, October 03, 2005

a typical chinese market

a typical chinese market is a market with super high density. Cubic of 3 or 4 sqr meters of spaces is comprised of the entire shop. Shops are arranged into grids, grids into layers, layers into skyscrapers. Qiujiang Rd. 500 Cyber Square is such a suffocating market, where I bought a minipci netcard for my T22. The card works fine as I have expected. So the Chinese merchants are not all rotten to incurably wicked. The area around Shibei High school is still ekelhaft, with no pavements for walkers. It is a bit surprising to me. Almost nothing has changed in this inner area, whereas the area near Gonghexin Rd is much more cleaner.