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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Product prirates rob the european of 200k jobs [FTD]

Product prirat rob the european of 200.000 jobs
In the last 10 years, forgery has been increased by 30 times. In 1994, there are 269 cases, in 2004, 8500 cases of plagiat. The macroeconomy is greatly damaged: The custom house has reported a lost of 145 Mio euro. About 5% to 9% international trade is related to plagiat. 500 Billion euro of loss due to forgery worldwide. In Germany 200.000 jobs are lost due to forgery. 1998-2002, forgery has rosen 8 times, causing loss of 2 billion euro in Europe.

In 2004, 23,5% forgery in Germany come from China. Thailand and Turkey follow. The 4th place, the USA. Real statistics will be much worse due to EU east expansion. Imports from east europe are only loosely controled., 11.06.2005


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