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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Contruction Grammar and NeuroTheory of Language

Founder of CG -- Adele E. Goldberg. (summary on Goldberg 2000 nifty encyclopedia entry, quoted)
- a construction is a unique form-meaning/use pair
"A CONSTRUCTION is defined to be a pairing of form with meaning/use such that some aspect of the form or some aspect of the meaning/use is not strictly predictable from the component parts or from other constructions already established to exist in the language.

-a frame is a construct that links semantics and syntax
"A frame is an intuitive construct that allows us to formalize the links between semantics and syntax in the results of lexical analysis. Semantic frames are schematic representations of situations involving various participants, props, and other conceptual roles, each of which is a frame element. " (framenet website)

-share basic ideas of HPSG,CG,MG
"Construction Grammar shares the basic and fundamental idea that the construction
(or sign) is central to an account of language with several other current theories including
Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, cognitive Grammar, and Montague Grammar. "

-declarative, contraint-based, generative, not derivational(mono-stratal)
"CG is declarative, mono-stratal representation, no derivations are posited" Declarative mood is an epistemic mood that signals that the proposition expressed by a speaker's utterance is offered as an unqualified statement of fact.

- e.g. Elena faxed Ken the letter.
"the sentence instantiates the subject-predicate construction, the ditransitive construction, the determiner construction (the letter), the past tense morphological construction (fax-ed) and five simple morphological constructions, corresponding to each word in the sentence:"

- integrated information: CG includes everything!
phonotics + syntax + semantics + pragmatics + dialect variation + discourse
"Construction Grammar does not assume that syntax is generally isolated or isolatable from semantics or conditions of use.Construction Grammar also eschews a strict division between the pragmatic and the semantic. Generalizations about particular arguments being topical, focused, inferable, etc. are also stated as part of the constructional representation. Facts about the use of entire constructions, including register, dialect variation, etc. are stated as part of the construction as well. ... Construction Grammar aims to account for the full range of facts of any language, without assuming that a particular subset of the data is part of a privileged “core”." by what? Speculation?

- contructions are related
relations mentioned by Goldberg "inheritance, sisters", any others? e.g.
constructions of restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses, topicalization, and wh-questions are inherited from left isolation construction.

- unification based formalism
"Thus each construction is represented by an Attribute-Value Matrix (AVM). Each attribute can have at most one value. Attributes may be n-ary, or may be feature structures themselves."

- data: "corpus, introspection, psycholingistic experiment"

- Argument Structure Constructions:
constructions that encode the form and function of simple basic clause types in a language such as the transitive, ditransitive and resultative constructions. The argument structure constructions provide the basic sentence patterns of a language, directly reflect types of basic frames of experience, such as something causing something else to move, someone causing someone to receive something, something moving somewhere, someone causing something to change state, etc.

more on NTL:

[Writeup on CG-talk by Y. Zhao in J. Bach's MindBuilding Seminar WS03/04 Osnabrück ]


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